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Hack The Box is where my infosec journey started. The main question people usually have is “Where do I begin?”. At NVISO, we provide new team members access to the HTB Academy, in which they complete modules and follow tracks focused on a specific topic (e.g. AD, Web Pentesting, Cryptography, etc.). This way, new NVISO-members build a strong knowledge base in these subjects.

Firat Acar - Cybersecurity Consultant/Red Teamer

We immediately started using HTB Academy after we signed up and found that the modules challenge the students to work hard to successfully reach an end goal. Now, we have students getting hired only a month after starting to use HTB! We're excited to see this trend continue the rest of the academic year.

Matthew McCullough - Lead Instructor

Thank you HTB family for all of the hard work and countless hours that have gone into developing the premier content in HTB Academy. I am grateful to have an affordable training resource that is helping to fill the gap between what we are taught in school and what will actually be required of us in the field.

@jhillman - Learner

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