Launching HTB CWEE: Certified Web Exploitation Expert

22 Feb 2024

Launching HTB CWEE: Certified Web Exploitation Expert

We are thrilled to announce a new milestone for the community and introduce our first certification covering a specialized security job role: HTB Certified Web Exploitation Expert (HTB CWEE).

After successfully covering the core job roles within the industry, Hack The Box Academy is ready to become the go-to resource for any security enthusiast or professional. HTB CWEE aims to elevate the practical knowledge acquired, setting new standards on how individuals and organizations conduct advanced penetration tests against highly secure web applications.

How to get your certification.

  1. Complete the Senior Web Penetration Tester job-role path
  2. Purchase an exam voucher (included in the Gold Annual subscription and premium plans for business teams)
  3. Enter the exam & start the security assessment
  4. Submit your report