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Turning a junior IT professional into an expert Red or Blue Teamer.

An interactive and guided skill development platform for corporate IT
teams that want to master Offensive, Defensive , and General Cybersecurity.


Flexible & High-Quality Cybersecurity Training

Training that offers unparalleled flexibility, interactivity that combines theory and practice, and top-quality content, everything browser accessible. Employees can train utilizing a web-based workstation.

Unlimited Training Content

Enrolled employees will benefit from unlimited access to all existing and upcoming courses. We usually release multiple new modules per month. Any new content is automatically accessible by your team, without any additional fee.

OSINT Corporate Recon
Active Directory BloodHound
Active Directory PowerView 4
Secure Coding JavaScript
progress tracking

Employee Progress Tracking

Company admins are able to track their team’s progress by downloading each employee’s “Student Transcript”. A report from day 0 until the time of the download, listing all completed and in-progress modules for each individual student.

User Seat Flexibility

Managers (admins) can invite team members and assign them to “user seats”. Flexibility in user seats allows for employee rotation and a flexible learning experience as per the demands and needs of the team.


Content Type


Content Difficulty


Diverse Content For Any Skill Level

The guided paths enable employees to practice on live targets and master any topic. From beginners to experts. From red and blue teamers to developers and sysadmins.

Custom learning pathways

Choose from and combine any HTB Academy modules into your own focused development path.

custom paths

Integrated training, assessment and certification

Every HTB Academy job role path leads to a certification exam, so people can learn and get industry-certified all in one place.
HTB CBBH: A highly hands-on certification that assesses a candidate’s bug bounty hunting and web application pentesting skills.

Academy For Business FAQ

We currently support requests for ten (10) user seats and above. If your team grows in the future, more seats can be purchased at any time.

Academy for Business works with annual licences per employee, by purchasing users seats. To know more details, please submit the form below and our business team will get back to you right away.

Yes! All HTB Academy Job-role paths will result in a certification.

You can see the available certifications in the following link:

Each Academy for Business seat comes with unlimited exam attempts for no additional cost (limited time offer). Please note that the number of certificates that can be obtained is equal to the number of purchased seats.

Due to the rich variety of the modules being offered in HTB Academy - covering Offensive, Defensive, and General Security - the platform is being utilized by IT professionals of diverse expertise. The training material scales from fundamental to advanced difficulty, so larger IT teams can join the platform and shape their skill set. Apart from cybersecurity professionals, any IT practitioner can find something new to learn like Secure Coding 101: JavaScript for software engineers and Linux Fundamentals for junior sysadmins.

Of course. For any technical problems, employees can access the live support system. For anything account related, the admin may reach out to their dedicated Technical Account Manager.

Yes! CPE credit submission is available to our subscribed members. Subscribed members can obtain credits by completing Hack The Box Academy modules, Tier I and above. In order to start tracking your activity and automatically get your credits, you just need to enable this option through your account settings.

Here is how CPE credits are allocated:

  • Fundamental modules: 2 CPE credits
  • Easy modules: 4 CPE credits
  • Medium modules: 6 CPE credits
  • Hard modules: 8 CPE credits

Get Started

How to get your IT team up and running in 3 easy steps.

step 1


Let’s meet and understand your needs. Submit the form.

step 2


Contract details and admin dashboard access.

step 3


Invite employees and let the training begin.