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Cracking into Hack the Box

Easy 42 Sections +30

Cubes Required: 30

To be successful in any technical information security role, we must have a broad understanding of specialized tools, tactics, and terminology. This path introduces core concepts necessary for anyone interested in a hands-on technical infosec role. The modules also provide the essential prerequisite knowledge for joining the main Hack The Box platform, progressing through Starting Point through easy-rated retired machines, and solving "live" machines with no walkthrough. It also includes helpful information about staying organized, navigating the HTB platforms, common pitfalls, and selecting a penetration testing distribution. Students will complete their first box during this path with a guided walkthrough and be challenged to complete a box on their own by applying the knowledge learned in the Getting Started module.

  Web Requests

Fundamental 8 Sections +10

This module introduces the topic of HTTP web requests and how different web applications utilize them to communicate with their backends.

  JavaScript Deobfuscation

Easy 11 Sections +10

This module will take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of JavaScript Deobfuscation until you can deobfuscate basic JavaScript code and understand its purpose.

  Getting Started

Fundamental 23 Sections +10

This module covers the fundamentals of penetration testing and an introduction to Hack The Box.

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