Launching HTB CDSA: Certified Defensive Security Analyst

29 Sep 2023

Launching HTB CDSA: Certified Defensive Security Analyst

We are thrilled to announce a new milestone for the community and introduce our first Blue Team certification: HTB Certified Defensive Security Analyst (HTB CDSA).

With this exciting release, Hack The Box is officially expanding to a wider audience, becoming an all-in-one solution for any security enthusiast or professional. HTB CDSA is here to set a new standard on how individuals and organizations approach threats with the goal of making humans the strongest link in cybersecurity.

How to get your certification.

  1. Complete the SOC Analyst job-role path
  2. Purchase an exam voucher (included in Silver Annual subscriptions and premium plans for business teams)
  3. Enter the exam & start the analysis
  4. Submit your report

The SOC Analyst path is designed to take you from a beginner level all the way to an intermediate level as an all-around security analyst via a guided, highly practical, and threat-informed curriculum.

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